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A offers a new way of generating income for charity. Our target is a total charity donation of $333,000 (one third of our income) by the end of 2009. We also aim to raise at least $1,000,000 by Christmas 2010 to be shared between 3 charities as voted for by entrants.

Income is generated by selling timeslots to advertisers who place content on a large screen on the site. If we sell all the timeslots we will generate over $1,000,000 in the course of the first draw. This income will be divided one third to charities voted for by entrants, one third to the prize fund and one third to the business to develop the website(s) and business model as well as sponsoring other draws throughout the year.

Visitors to the site will sign up for a free draw to win one third of the prize fund and each visitor will nominate and vote for a charity. The top three charities when the draw closes will receive a donation of one third of the charitable third.

To increase your chances of receiving the maximum level of donation I would encourage you to ask your supporters to sign up to the site. I guarantee that there will be no spam ever and no catches. Sign up for the draw, choose your charity and that’s it. Try it and let me know your thoughts.


How do charities benefit?

One third of all money generated though the website will be donated to charity. The charities are chosen by entrants as part of the sign up. We will divide the money between the top three charities (in terms of votes) at the close of the draw.

How do I choose my favourite charity?

In the sign up process you can choose to nominate a charity (you will need the charity registration number and know the country they are registered in). If you then encourage others to sign up you can move your charity up the rankings and earn them more money. This costs you nothing. Don’t forget to click the Facebook or Twitter links on our homepage to tell your contacts to sign up.

How can I get my favourite charity to the top of the list?

Simple, just get other people to vote for it as part of their sign up. Remember you can enter the draw once a day and each entry constitutes one vote. You can do this through Facebook or Twitter or indeed just by asking people to vote. Remember we promise we’ll never spam you, and each entry gives you a chance of winning one third of the prize fund too.

Will I receive loads of spam?

No. We will never spam you, nor will we sell or give your details to third parties. We ask you if you would like to receive a onethirdeach newsletter but it is your choice and you can cancel easily at any time.

Where does the money go?

One third goes to the winner(s) of the draw, one third goes to the top three charities (in terms of numbers of votes cast) and one third goes to the business to develop the website(s) and business model as well as sponsoring other draws throughout the year.

A Million Dollars for Christmas


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