A Summary of our Offering


The next 100 slots cost less than £50.00 each

That's over two thirds off the normal price.

+ buying a 15 second slot currently gets you

> 4 hours, 48 mins, 00 secs per DAY!

This website sells daily 'broadcasting slots' by 'clock time' to advertisers. We call these Timeslots

What does it cost and how much to I get

A slot costs just £175.20 (+VAT if applicable) and runs in the loop until the end of the draw.

The next 100 slots cost less than £50.00 each - over two thirds off the normal price.

Your advert will run in a loop on our schedule, but you can also choose a specific time of day for your advert to show.

The more timeslots you buy, the more your advert will play.

You can put virtually anything in your advert slot - doesn't have to be a video clip.

Order your slots first to secure position and follow your advert content on by email.

Advertisers Introduction

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Terms & Conditions

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Technical Specifications

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Contact us, call +44 (0)1594 837171 to discuss your options, or follow our online step by step system for convenience and speed.

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